Olivia Bailey, Brynn Tauro

Path to Transparency

Creative Matters defines the intersection where design and production methods are able to work synonymously to challenge ethical and humanitarian crises. This renovation and addition is based on the client’s values (creative, collaborative, meticulous, ethical and integrity), as well as the history of the building to create a gathering space to invite community engagement.  It is aimed to marry the significance of these approaches by using materiality, specifically glass, as a means to do so. Studio Bailey-Tauro aims to 'decolonize' the former financial institution by deconstructing its colonial framework which echoes traditional values such as security, restriction, and stability. A glass walkway located in the middle of the floor plan was developed as a vehicle to reflect (both figurately and literally) modern values, and to guide users through physical transitions between old and new.

  1. Interior Design VI
    IRN 601
    Andrew Furman
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