As 2020 marks the dawn of a new decade, we reflect on the evolution of RSID and the works that have been created over time. Every moment that design is produced, a new iteration is engraved in history and becomes a precedent for future works. Through our modern interpretation of archiving, we showcase current works and honour every student’s potential to be a catalyst in design innovation. Ryerson School of Interior Design’s 2020 Year End Show; Archive, inscribes our time and announces a new beginning in the design narrative.


This year’s show explores the importance of connections between disciplines, identities, and ideas which all give meaning to design. Our goal of the show is to initiate a conversation about our industry’s deeply connected world. Student work will be curated to display the different ways in which ideas can be collaborated upon, how unique identities emerge through student exploration and the connections between different design disciplines.


Process builds the foundation for design. The 2018 Year End Show aims to reveal the progression and succession of our creative journey from point A to B. We are shaped by our actions and our identity can be found in our development. We acknowledge and celebrate different creative processes and workflows, moving thoughts and ideas forward to identify students, thus identifying the school.


Ryerson School of Interior Design’s 2017 Year End Show aims to shift perceptions of interior design through education and immersive spatial experiences. The goal of the show is to acknowledge the creative, dynamic, and technical elements that are part of our industry's process. The show will educate the community on how design innovation and implementation can impact out immediate environment and daily lives. Shift will explore forms of design through integrated processes and dynamic spatial alterations.


A vibrant exchange of ideas flow within the world of design. This movement creates a dialogue in which past principles of design can harmonize with the newly developed values we cherish today. By narrowing down key elements, we are able to broadly collaborate within a wide range of creative industries, gaining multiple original perspectives. The layering of crafts from hand-drafting to advanced technologies is two forms of design that are greatly linked and are celebrated for their own unique strengths. By merging these approaches, we create a balance. Dialogue will realize these principles and will continue to fabricate these innovations in design.
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