Authentic. Vulnerable. Unapologetic.

The School of Interior Design’s (SID) Year End Show Committee (YES) is a student run organization that arranges an annual spring exhibit with the mission of showcasing student work and providing a platform for students to celebrate their accomplishments in design, create connections, and establish themselves within the evolving industry. SID’s 2022 Year End Show, named Un/Filtered, welcomes you to put aside your perception of perfection and embrace the reality of the design process. Individuality shines through when we disregard the need for perfection and allow our ideas to materialize into reality. We believe that a focus on transparency allows us to value a diverse range of perspectives and celebrate who we are as designers. Un/Filtered is a design platform where none is judged nor adjusted to align with social expectations. Here, getting your hands dirty is encouraged and the fear of failure is unheard of. Join us for sketches on the wall, tracing paper on the floor and late nights in the studio.

(Warning: it gets a little messy).

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