Noelle Daniel


This third-year studio assignment was to design an inclusive space for a non-profit organization which aligned with their values and goals. This assignment reflects Unity Charity at 1655 Dupont St. Toronto, ON. 

Decades after its birth in the playgrounds, streets, and block parties of the Bronx, NYC — Hip-Hop has influenced countless mediums of culture including music, visual art, dance, and fashion. Borrowing visual language from both Deconstructionism and Postmodernism movements popularized during Hip-Hop's rising era, the design emphasizes robust geometry and bold patterns to recreate a sixties-era Hip-Hop vibe. A vibe that honours Hip-Hop’s origins and roots in community and togetherness amongst marginalized BIPOC youth. Importantly, the inclusion of ramps, voids, varied playing levels, and unique programming; enables each space the ability to occupy, accommodate, and excite every occupant.

The Unity’s new location will include a dance studio, art studio, music room, playground, and cafe.

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Joanne Lam
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