Mahdi Bashash

Artists Without Barriers

The design of the new ‘Artists Without Barriers’ space located at the fourth and fifth floors of the museum of contemporary arts incorporates strategies and principles which create an inviting and flexible space while taking into consideration the programmatic needs of its users. The two floors are divided as such that the bottom consists of spaces of creation and collaboration, housing an event / workshop area as well as a studio space. The floor above is used as a space to ‘showcase’ artistic creations as well as providing wellness counselling.

Both floors consist of open floor plans to create seamless transitions between the different spaces and to ensure continued visibility and encourage collaboration. A section of the space consists of a double heighted ceiling which opens up the two floors and allows the space to expand while retaining its cohesive identity. Accessibility and inclusivity are at the forefront of design strategies integrated to ensure all circulation throughout and in between the two floors are coherently available.

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Filiz Klassen
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