Maegan Rose Mehler

The ArQuives at 1655 Dupont

Envisioned as a community landmark that is open and accessible – an archive, museum, gallery, and library with av, research, meeting, office, and event space – The ArQuives at 1655 Dupont is a place to collaborate and explore.

The main design feature of The ArQuives is the curved double-height wall in the foyer that can be used in various ways for exhibitions and events (salon-style hanging, full-scale murals, video, and still image projections, etc.). The space has been thoughtfully designed as a neutral backdrop with playful shapes and pops of colour on existing structural columns that frame, accent, and offer small discoveries throughout.

The ArQuives at 1655 Dupont is designed to be a welcoming, vibrant, and immersive space unlike traditional museums; it is a place to engage critically and playfully with LGBTQ2+ histories – past, present, and future.

|artwork included in the project by Nina Chanel Abney, Kent Monkman, Dayna Danger|

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Quan Thai
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