Joelle Poitras, Noelle Grace Daniel, & Lauren Chan

The Gardens of Moriyama

The Gardens of Moriyama have been conceived to honor, embrace, and amplify architect Raymond Moriyama’s original vision for the Toronto Reference Library, and celebrate his acclaimed architectural achievements within the Canadian built-environment through the use of virtual reality. All around, flowing water and greenery take over the library entirely, something that remains impossible within the confines of the physical space. This virtual interior pushes the limits of Moriyama’s design concepts by both granting the greenery it's ability to thrive while highlighting the philosophy of “the empty cup”, and filling the atrium with water. This space is designed to be entirely detached from the exterior, a comment on the ever changing façade of the building that has been subject to public scrutiny since its early days.

  1. Design Seminar
    IRH 401
    Kfir Gluzberg
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