Gina Lee

Retro Galactic

This Patterned Box and Textured Tile was my interpretation of artist Felipe Pantone, particularly, using the following descriptors: graffiti punk, 80s synth pop, urban kinetic, nostalgia retro futurism, collision with analog past, neon gradient shapes, geometric patterns, optical patterns, kinetic, movement, moire (silk), interruption, vibration and glitchy hyperrealism.

I made stickers using prints from kitschy gift bags and bows from the Dollar Store for the Patterned Box visually creating texture, hierarchy, white and black, shimmer, movement, dynamism, contrast and colour.

The Textured Tile highlighted interruption with a “wave” superimposed on top of geometric lines dabbled with neon and contrasting pastel.

  1. Design Dynamics Introduction
    IRD 101
    Cindy Rendely
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