Dominika Praszner

Hyper-Real Model

The goal of this project was to recreate an atmospheric interior scene in hyper-real model form. The original image conveys the atmosphere of a snowy day in the mountains through its interior details and lighting. The muted colors of the grey curtain and purple vase give a sense of coldness to the space. The white  plastered surfaces in combination with the white furniture and finishes reflect the endless white scenery of a snowy mountaintop. The warmer accents, like the wood floor and brass drawer handles represent nature covered by heaps of snow. The small amount of diffused light in the  space is similar to a snowy winter day, when clouds cover  the sky. The light reflecting off the surface of the glass vase  compares to how sunlight breaks on the surface of ice in the  winter. The white fringes on the curtain resemble soft snowflakes falling down from the sky. The cool atmosphere is then transformed into a hot and sunny summer scene through the use of natural light and the addition of summery objects. The bright sunlight coming through the windows casts elongated shadows onto the objects and washes out some parts of the image, representing the effect of sunlight on a sunny day. The colorful, beach related items and the sand in the foreground add warmth to the interior and create a playful and joyful atmosphere which reminds me of being at the beach in the summer. Lastly, the atmosphere is transferred once again in video form. The hot, summer day at the beach is washed away with a sudden thunderstorm. The transition is achieved through the manipulation of light, wind and sound.

  1. Communications IV
    IRC 412
    Angela Cho
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