Colin Cameron

Creative Matters Studio

An office space within a creative studio, bathed in natural light, where numerous hues can be admired and carefully chosen. A space where art and design can be created in a collaborative environment and shared with colleagues and clients.

The design and spatial program are driven by Creative Matter’s design approach and process. The studio features a double height colour lab with pom wall that receives light from a large skylight above. The sky light captures light and funnels it into a two-storey lightwell, which ensures optimal natural lighting conditions for viewing colour. There is a space to create art, experiment, get messy and be inspired. The creative work stations are separate from client area on the first floor but not isolated. Designers can see, and overhear conversations below, connected through a horizontal void in the lightwell’s form. Peering through this threshold, designers can view the pom wall and the colour lab below.  


Playing off the language and geometry of the building I starting by taking “bites” out of floors to create a two story light well that would allow natural light to fill the interior.  Ideations of shape and line were informed by the angles and structure of the existing building which advised my interior partition walls and volume of the double height space.  Line, which mirrors the existing east façade creates an interior space that opens as you pass through, as opposed to parallel lines, which confine.  

  1. Interior Design VI
    IRN 601
    Nadia Cannataro
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