Brynn Tauro

The Canadian Women's Foundation

Founded in 1991, the Canadian Women's Foundation leads the movement towards gender equality through funding, research, advocacy and knowledge sharing. Relocating in the Junction Triangle will provide them with not only the opportunity to expand their physical space, but the scope of outreach in the community as well.

The intent of this design is to reintegrate a once heavily-used industrial building into a community hub in which women and children alike can access resources to educate and empower themselves. The use of a centralized element, a double-height atrium, has been employed as a means of creating an intentional destination for gathering. It also serves to anchor surrounding elements of its program, including a childcare center, and dedicated nursing and diaper changing rooms, and  counseling and seminar rooms, and workstations above.

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Joanne Lam
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