Amy Zhang

Creative Matters: Showroom and Studio

This renovation to Creative Matter’s studio aims to seamlessly bring together the staff and their clients by blurring the line between private and public zones - specifically the access to the showroom, work areas, and storage. The parti is formed by the triple height millwork which vertically connects the floors and stores the archive and the living collection of samples and final products. The collection is accessible to both clients and the staff from various levels of the building, and is also seen on display at a grand scale. The curve of the drop ceiling is dominant in the space, creating a spiritual experience for users who are choosing samples to work with. Another focus is the Creative Studio which follows the interior glass courtyard typology in order to spatially stand out, while figuratively symbolizing the hands-on and experimental approach of the Creative Matters workflow.

  1. Interior Design VI
    IRN 601
    Andrew Furman
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