Amy Zhang

UNITY Charity

The purpose of the project aims to fulfill Unity’s goals, which is to provide a safe space for young individuals to build their internal resilience and to support their mental health through hip-hop and related programming.

Unity’s creative practices are implemented through the spatial form making ideas involved through the renovation of the heritage-designated warehouse in Toronto’s Lower Junction Triangle. The new space aims to stand at the conjunction of art, performance, and community building. This institution offers a multipurpose dance studio/events hall, cafe, maker spaces, gallery, public co-work space, audiovisual room and DJ booth. New interventions establish a close dialogue with the rawness of the existing concrete columns and flooring to maintain unobtrusive to the history of the building. Spatial applications revive the industrial nature of the space through the lighting design and the minimal materiality.

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Quan Thai
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