Wendy Lyu


The project is a residential motel focused on long-term stays more geared towards people working around the Fort Erie area. Increasing the number of rooms to provide morespace for the visitor to stay. The whole design is based on the relationship with water. I designed a small waterfall installation on the exterior wall, the water flows down the wall and into the rectangular pool. To relate back to the site, Niagara River and Niagara Falls. The linear pool divides the patio and relaxation area in half. This is a metaphor for Niagara Falls which is thedividing line between Canada and the United States. Also, I bring the water inside of the motel,which I referring the concept of a Japanese onsen. Its water outlet design makes it also resemble a small waterfall, again echoing Niagara Falls. When people enter the unit, the water wave celling comes into the view.

  1. Interior Design Studio IV
    IRN 401
    Isabella Trindade
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