Thuc Bui, Amy Ngo, Mikaela Cuenco


“Plus,” uses a modular system of up to 3 pieces to create boxes that are able to connect by stacking, and interlocking. Without the use of screws or nails, the modular pieces slide in place creating a cross. The more modular pieces participants add to the system, the more “pluses” they create. The slots within each modular piece allows the participants to configure their boxes with free agency. "Plus" encompasses the ability to adjust to its users to encourage different outcomes. It is an important goal to create different experiences that will cater towards a variety of different users depending on what they need in the community garden. Everyone has their own definition of what a box, chair, table, is to them, so we wanted to give opportunities to be able to create different ways of making using our pieces. In this way, we hope for it to be a meaningful interaction between community members within the space and that the flexibility and adaptability will encourage different outcomes that are unique to whoever is building it.

  1. Interior Design Studio VII
    IRN 701
    Linda Zhang
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