Nicolas Castiblanco Bonilla


Throughout my life, I have always woken up disoriented. Since I can remember, I have always used glasses and contact lenses as an adult. Inherited from my parents, astigmatism is part of who I am and my daily life. This condition has delimited my perception of the world of how I live it and feel it when I have my glasses or when I don't. My sense of sight has never been perfect. On the contrary, I think it has strengthened my other senses by lacking their entire ability and allowing me to see only double or triple. In this project, I wanted to generate a physical and sensory journey that allows visitors to be in my place, even for a short period. This experience is personal, but it is not unique; all those who wear glasses or have been in situations where sight has been affected can understand this experience. I seek to create a space that allows me to experience that moment of my routine when I wake up in complete darkness, disoriented and without my sight at 100%. Then, that first ray of light flashes and reminds you that it is time to look for your glasses. Followed by that moment of adjustment, where things and spaces take their correct dimensions and stop being two or more to occupy their proper shape and shadow. In that moment of comfort, that feeling of security to see again, recognize the space, and where I am ready to go out into the world.

  1. Interior Design Studio I
    IRN 101
    Alan Webb
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