Johanna Weber

The Silos

Secluded on the West Island of Ontario Place, tucked away from the fast-paced, high-energy Toronto core, 5 silos stand providing a place to reflect, pause and reconnect with the senses. Unique atmospheric reflection spaces were designed  to reduce and declutter the overladen sensory information of the city, and to intensify the experience of our inner world and self. The potential of these reflection spaces is highlighted through the use of select materials, minor architectural interventions, and the surrounding landscape. Reunification over time is encouraged. As nature slowly reclaims the site, sensorial experiences for the users will be ever-changing.

Visual Silos: Three of the silos focus on enhancing ones visual sensory experience.  On the ground level, curved interior partitioned walls guide users from the exterior landscape to the centre of the oculus above, framed by tessellated  bricks. On level 02, exterior stairs guide users into the space where the materiality of bricks can be experienced differently both in a visual and tactile sense.

Auditory Silos: The remaining two silos focus on enhancing ones auditory sense and visceral experience through the use of malleable “sound sculptures”. A series of thin metal rods with cattail like heads help to guide users into the space. These sculptures can be plucked, pulled, or ruffled by the users and mother nature to create harmonizing acoustic hums. These hums are then magnified and travel upwards through the inner cone.

  1. Interior Design Studio VIII
    IRN 801
    Quan Thai
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