Hafsa Imran

The Haven Motel: In Retrospect

When liminal spaces like motels become spaces for longer term stays, one yearns for a sense of self and personality in their space. In my redesign of the Haven Motel, flexibility is the driving component; within the bounds of each room, the user will have the ability to shift the modular set of furniture provided in the suite to their liking in order to accommodate themselves and others.

This hybrid motel strives to revive the interior of motels in the 50's and 60's, a peak time for motel culture, in order to tie back the design to this sense of autonomy with the motel. Through a geometric language of curves, long lines, and timely materials, colours, and shapes, a connection is made to the history of motels and the time period which is being evoked.

  1. Interior Design Studio IV
    IRN 401
    Anamarjia Korolj
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