Dominika Praszner


Flow. Transition. Movement. Passage. Years.

Many temporary solutions have been proposed to solve the constantly evolving housing crisis, some more successful than others. This project is designed to help alleviate some of these challenges and includes renovating the traditional Haven Motel in the border town of Fort Erie, Ontario and proposing housing opportunities for people in need of short term accommodation. The design proposal includes a combination of existing motel rooms and newly designed residential suites to provide a safe and comfortable environment for inhabitants. The spatial strategy within each suite is to create a private vestibule, where people can experience a sense of stillness and peace, while also respecting the existing structure of the building. There is an emphasis on the transition from exterior to interior, considering that traditionally roadside motels have a small threshold between the road and the motel room. Thus, a transitional space is created by the addition of a curved wall to create a gradual flow leading into the private core of the interior. This slow, gradual movement allows people to reminisce on the road, and the path that they have taken to arrive at this specific moment and encourages them to put down all the bur-dens of travel and life. The materiality within the interior reveals warm tones and repetitive texture to evoke a sense of comfort and provide a safe haven to all.

  1. Interior Design Studio IV
    IRN 401
    Nadia Cannataro
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