Amy Zhang & Dayeong Kim

Toronto City Hall Gathering Space

The concept of Toronto City Hall’s virtual gathering space takes inspiration from the architectural form and typology of both Nathan Phillips Square’s skating rink and the City Hall design itself. The explorable ice rink is infused with a gallery showing the history of the city, creating an active and educational gathering space. Users are able to travel the different features of the virtual environment, including the skating trails that surround a central performance and showing area. Upon arrival at the ice rink, people are able to travel around the rink through the trail tunnels showcasing a virtual gallery, which creates an experiential journey. The central area is left open for free movement, but users are also able to gather and sit at the central performance space that showcases films on the dome ceiling above. This dome space is multipurpose as programs shift between ice performances and film showings.

  1. Design Seminar
    IRH 401
    Kfir Gluzberg
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