Shunning Xie & Sulei Huang

receipt your day


"Receipt your day” is a design installation that presents a quantified room in virtual reality reflective of one’s daily activities. This room is modeled after the open classroom on the third floor of the SID building, where the entire project is placed in a virtual space with VR technology and offers three different viewpoints for visitors to explore. The entire space is filled with receipts of different colors, including the furniture and decoration in the space. The receipts are used as a visual medium to explore, in a quantifiable way, the passive state that people are in at this particular moment: replenishment and depletion.

Replenishment and Depletion represent the state of people in different situations. The receipts are represented in different colors throughout the project. Replenishment means completing any self-replenishing action that will restore and enhance one's state. Depletion refers to accepting and completing tasks, and with the accumulation of a large number of characters, it will cause a depletion of the person's status.

This pandemic will not stop the world, but it will change the way we see the world. We are visualizing everything, trying to establish more connections and contacts with this virtual world, at this time, we are more like characters in a virtual world, where we have our own progress bars. and are only in a passive state, which is replenishing, and consuming state at any time after losing our subjective consciousness. We want to emphasize this quantified state in a figurative way, and finally revisit this new world.
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