Portia Alight and Nico

Let's take a pause

“Hello there! Come join us in Let’s Take a Pause.”

PORTIA: For me this project was about the process and the genuine conversations I shared following the ups and downs of life. From the very start of brainstorming to the final last edits I loved working with Nico and the YES installation team as we watched this project evolve. This collaboration and real time connection is what “Let’s take a Pause” is all about to me! Being given the theme of connection I had the opportunity to take time and think how I can best connect to others and show up in this ever changing world. It became clear to me that being present in the here and now, and with myself, allows me to connect most authentically and deeply to others.

NICO: “Let's take a Pause”, for me, it's being able to face and accept that during isolation, my mental and physical health changed forever. That now, I value much more being surrounded by the people I love, but I also enjoy having my own space and moments. That talking about these issues is important and that we all deserve a space to stop, feel proud of where we are and of everything we have overcome.
Connecting to the Present
Connecting to Yourself
Connecting to Others
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